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Apple Music, Gaana, Wynk, Saavn, Jiomusic and Google Play Music. Which is the best Music Streaming service in India?

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Apple Music, Gaana, Wynk, Saavn, Jiomusic and Google Play Music. Which is the best Music Streaming service in India?

I have tried and tested it all, now join me as I review all the music streaming services that are currently prominent in India which might help you choose an app that’s reliable to use and which ones to stay away from.

There has been a recent expansion in the good music streaming service apps in India. This has made myself think about which is the best one so I started using all of the apps available and testing which app works best for me. I have come to a conclusion about which is the best for me but I would like to share my review of all the apps I used for streaming music. You may or may not agree with these reviews, but they are just my personal opinions. 😇

I’ll first list down and tell you more about all the apps I used, first up -

Apple Music

I was surprised that this app is available for Android - but after installing it I was blown away by their onboarding and amazing UI. This app is superbly designed and very user friendly. While using it I felt very comfortable and delighted which is always a good sign.

Pros: Gorgeous User Interface, Extensive Western Collection, Various Playlist Collections, Family Sharing

Cons: Too heavy on RAM and Storage, Limited Regional Songs, Couldn’t cast on Google Home


Ganna is advertised as “The one-stop solution for all your Music needs”. This may actually be true because of the extensive collection of songs they have, and with a nice user interface, Gaana definitely stands as a good competitor to everything else.

Pros: Regional Songs, Available on web view too, Good User Interface.

Cons: Songs suggestions are not that good and does anyone even connect to Facebook to share songs?


Airtel’s Wynk is one of those things that just seems to have everything but doesn’t achieve it properly. It has a vast collection of songs ranging from western, regional to even a good retro and classical collection.

Pros: A little less pricey for premium subscription than other apps, good songs collection, Running Mix Collections

Cons: User interface can definitely be improved


I really loved Saavn’s user interface in both the app and web view. I really wish that they have a Mac app in store - other than that I have no other complaints with it. It has an amazing and extensive song collection and I simply love the curated playlists that they have.

Pros: Curated Playlists, Amazing User Interface

Cons: Experienced some crashing after extensive usage, Radio collection can be improved


The Jio movement strikes music streaming too! Jiomusic simply has everything from all music collections, extensive radio collections, offline storage and much more but I simply wouldn’t use it because of it’s user interface. The app tries to have a similar brand like other Jio apps and the result is something that feels cluttered and not functional.

Pros: Practically all songs are available, Good radio stations

Cons: Curated Playlists could be improved, Wouldn’t work without a Jio sim, User Interface should definitely be improved, No web view

Google Play Music

Google recently started it’s streaming service in India which is available in both mobile app and web view. I felt it was very good so I tried it, it seamlessly connected to my Google home and has a good collection of songs and playlists.

Pros: User Interface, Good Song Collection

Cons: Regional playlists can be improved

So, what do you use?

Well, I use a combination of Saavn and Google Play Music as I liked it both equally and it has a good combination of features that I enjoyed.

I just started a poll to find out which streaming service others use in India - you can also vote for your favourite streaming service here!

And you can find me @praveeenjuge to talk about your favourite app!

P.S: I don’t even know what Hungama is.

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