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August Highlights

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August Celebrations bring September Slumber 😴


Thanks for hosting a chilled out 😎 AHM, Karthik despite us riding into the last quarter of the year - still holed up at home! 🏡

Pankaj seems to really want us to amass a large debt collectively. Kidding! This month’s edition of Two Cents had us talking about managing credit cards and reminiscing crazy (naive) partial payment stories.

Last month we promised you 15/blogs a month. We almost hit that, we hope you loved our bakers dozen! 📖

This month’s Nerd Chat had us exploring the mind of a designer, courtesy Karthik. We loved it! 👨🏽‍🎨

Our August, started with a vanity highlight. This entry is for all intents and purposes to satisfy the ego of one person, Heerthees. Sometime in the beginning of August, Heerthees had the odd privilege to review Swaathi’s code. Which he did, and which he subsequently forced us to add to this month's highlight. So there you go Heerthees, happy? 🙃

We’ve been a fit bunch this month! Thank you Gopi for becoming our fitness instructor (class starts at 7 guys; get down and give me 50 pushups). 🏋‍

Our in house Vampire Diaries addict, Roshni created the most beautiful culture page ever! Go check it out on 🤩

In a surprising turn of events, Juge decided to take on the strenuous responsibility of hosting our first ever book club! We started off with “Death On The Nile”, by Agatha Christie. 📚 Let’s be honest here, we all know he’s doing this for Gal Gadot’s latest movie.

Things have been getting crazy at Hellonext! Thank you Sathish, Heerthees, Juge and Sooraj for launching new features like roadmaps, widgets, a revamped admin panel AND squashing those pesky bugs.

We call him God for a reason, cause no one short of that title could have gotten Apple to approve the latest release of the 📱Hellonext mobile app! Thanks God.. err, Dikson!

And finally - a HUGE round of applause 👏🏼 for Gopi, Santhosh, Nivedhithaa, Sathish and Heerthees for closing a huge 6 month enterprise project. You guys are legendary! (Also take your vacation soon guys. 😉)

Did you really think there would be two months where Varun doesn’t talk about JavaScript, or Firebase or chatbots or himself?! 🎙He’s back in action with his latest talk on “Building Serverless Chatbots”.

Salut! Quoi de neuf? Well that’s how fancy we felt when a French women-in-tech community picked up Swaathi’s latest blog! Ooo la la, send us pictures of Tour Eiffel! 🇫🇷


Welcome to the madhouse, Anand! We can’t wait to see what magic you whip up in the world of RPA. ✨ Good luck and godspeed!

Hey look who’s back for round 2 of their internship! We can’t wait to have you make fun of Juge again, Varun Kumar! 🤓


Sooraj’s Birthday 🎂

Happy birthday to our beautiful haired, guitar strumming 🎸, pencil drawing ✏️, multi-talented Sooraj! I know it’s hard but can you be less perfect for like a day? Well we love you any which way, have a great year ahead, Sooraj!

Dikson’s Birthday 🎂

All hail Dikson! 🕊Why is August 11 not a public holiday yet? We’re constantly inspired by your time keeping skills, no one else can have lunch exactly at 1PM everyday! Let’s see if 2020 can break that broken-knee-curse ⚽️ of yours, or else nothing can! Have a great one Dikson!


This lockdown really started hitting us. We miss each other and the ruckus we used to create at lunch. So this month we hosted a lunch party! 🎉 We got together on Zoom, turned on our video and got jealous of what everyone else was eating for lunch.

See You Soon

What a year this has been! You will truly be missed Ayeesha. Book sessions and group activities won’t be the same without you ❤️. We can’t wait to meet you and play pictionary once the pandemic is all over, until then take care and good luck with everything, Ayeesha!

Make every day worth it!

The End

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