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Here’s why we built Allt.

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Here’s why we built Allt.

Our insights into why we built Allt for us and for you.

Today, (a.k.a Allt) got a major upgrade to its infrastructure. Allt has been in private beta for six months now with 200 companies across the globe. I just wanted to take a moment and answer the “Why” of Allt’s existence.

Below, you will find the excerpts and considerations we made before we created Allt. Some portions were edited to suit today’s version of Allt. I hope you enjoy reading it.

The problem with organizing teams

This is the biggest problem that everyone spends a lot of time on. We have spent a lot of time in solving this problem. The major challenge was to have everyone on the same page about the product we are building. Emails never did the trick for us. Neither did the instant messaging apps.

We tried a lot of tools that our friends at other companies suggested. None of the tools helped us carry out lengthy discussions. We thought some of the popular productivity tools would do the trick, but they didn’t. All that we wanted was a simple yet powerful tool to have long-form conversations about a topic. We wanted a platform that will allow us to be in sync. And have unobtrusive notifications.

We do not take decisions without a debate or a healthy fight.

We think deep before taking a decision. And our thinking is transparent and loud, across the company. In such situations, communication tools like Slack did not fill in. We wanted to discuss over an idea, iterate it, improve it and then zero down on the final draft. Not ping each other and get their thoughts. Here’s an interesting HN discussion on ‘Why group chat is not something which will solve the problem’.

We wanted to discuss over an idea. Not ping each other.

Ideas spark, but to get those ideas into reality, there must to be a discussion.

All the points that comes up in a discussion must be documented. And everyone must be on the same page at all times. We were not able to find that tool that satisfied this particular need for us. So we went back to our Batpod (Our war room) and created a barebones version of Allt. Allt does one thing THE BEST. It lets you focus on your discussion boards and turn them into actionable items.

Allt cleans out the mess

Before we started using, things were messy. One way or the other, we kept slipping things. We would forget something that was essential. Or our team would work relentlessly hard, but it turned out to be different than what the customer wanted, because of lack of information. At one point, we couldn’t wait anymore for someone to create a tool of this sort. So we created

Allt is the tool that we personally wanted to manage things, and get things done. Quickly, easily and efficiently. Over the past few months, we have chiseled it to an extent where our customers wanted to use it for their organizations. Today, is over 200 customers strong.

A simple and elegant view of your boards on Allt. is for you if we were able to strike a point in your mind, when you were reading this article. Welcome aboard. lets you carry out discussions

As I said earlier, decisions are not made in a company with just an instant message. Some people might do this, but we are not of that kind. Every decision that we have made today, has a board. And every board, answers the single most essential question of why we made that decision the way we made it.

Every decision has a board. And that board answers ‘Why’ we made this decision.

This has had an effect in the company that I haven’t seen earlier. And today, with, everyone in the company knows why and how a decision came through.

This has had a positive effect in the company’s culture.

Above all, we’ve meticulously crafted Allt’s UI/UX. Here’s how you can give a Heart Cheer to your peers.

Heart Cheer on Allt ❤

Allt is plain, simple and organized

When you login into your Allt Domain, you already know what to do. Everything is organized for you. You don’t have to configure or do anything special to make things works. Its just waiting for you to take control of it.

How much ever data you add, the system is going to stay the same for you throughout. This is what we work towards everyday. All your discussions stay as Boards. Your tasks are neatly organized under task-lists. Your Notes are neatly organized which makes sense. And your files are organized in a beautiful way.

The dashboard of your shiny new Allt account.

With Allt, you and your team already know what Allt modules mean. You already know how to use it. Everything that you need is organized in one single platform. Under one single domain.

Allt is your timeline

From the moment you start using Allt till the time ends, you know exactly what happened when with Allt’s Live tab. All those brilliant ideas you talked about to those ideas which became a product. Everything lives in this tab, to take you through its own way of time travel.

Live tab doesn’t do just that. It tells you what happened earlier, what’s happening today and what is going to happen in future, in your organization.

Allt is here to stay

Allt has now become an integral part of our company. Our work days starts and ends with Allt. We understand the importance of such a platform and we have promised to have the platform up for you and our customers as long as the time and the Internet stays.

What this means to you is that the moment you join Allt, you can be assured that Allt will be up and alive all the time you want. Allt started out as a side project for us. But today, it has turned out to be our life’s work. We are working on Allt every damn day.

Here’s to everything Allt can do for you. Today and in the future.

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