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July Highlights

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July deployments bring August celebrations 🍻

Mental Health

On the 13th of July we announced a surprise holiday to everyone on the team. With the entire work from home situation going on, we’ve seen that we work longer hours and do lesser activities - eat, sleep and work! This is not a healthy state of mind for anyone. So, the entire team decided to take a break and call it a long weekend! We signed off from work on Friday, and only touched our laptops again on Tuesday. Though we didn’t do much, it was a much needed mental health break. This was so refreshing and we plan to do more of them in the future!


We hit a thousand (a 1000!) followers on LinkedIn! This is so exciting. 🤩 Thanks for making this happen Savitha!

Swaathi and Nivedhithaa taught young high school students a 3 day AI course! What’s more surprising? Nivs teaching or students voluntarily taking on extra courses? You tell us. 😉

Thank you Swaathi and Varun for speaking at TwoCents about “Managing Your Personal Finances” and “Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio”. 💸 It was so enlightening and I hope we all become millionaires by the end of the year. 💰

Thanks Pankaj for reintroducing the Blog scoreboard! 🤘🏼We’ve taken a company wide oath to publish 15 articles a month. So watch out for the knowledge spam everyone! Things are about to get geeky in here. 📚

Our astronauts from Dubai safely landed back home! It was a crazy, heart pounding experience for us to wait as their dangerous expedition finally ended safely at quarantine. Now.. if only there was an easy way to extract all the Apple goodies our team splurged on… hmm. 😈

Priya contributed her first blog on our publication! She wrote about her journey into the testing world. 🤓 Great job Priya!

This month’s book club revealed Swaathi’s obsession with making presentations. She actually made a presentation for her review of the fantasy series, “A Court Of Thorns And Roses”. Who does that?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Juge's blog on the Rise Of Tailwind appeared on the front page of Dev.To! To more such wonderfully penned articles. 🥂

Roshni's brand new and colorful animations went live on the Hellonext website, go check it out! 🌼

Finally, we’re the happiest when we say this - this is the first month that Varun did NOT do a webinar. 😇 Yayyy! Think of all the lives we saved guys! 😂


Santhosh's Birthday 🎂

Happy birthday Santhosh! The person who always spends his whole day at the balcony wearing the same shirt for the past 4 months. 😉 We are so inspired by your dedication and perseverance, it’s a wonderful trait. Have an amazing year Santhosh! 🤘🏼

Roshni's Birthday 🎂

Our Krunker girl, Roshni turns a year older and wiser. She has the most bright and positive soul ever. 💫 Every time you talk to her, you feel so happy and peaceful…. until she starts playing Krunker and destroys Heerthees. 😛

This month we engaged the team in the most polarizing of activities - ever! We did an online screening of the Annual Skrunker Tournament. Krunker is a popular online first player shooting game that is the root of Swaathi’s irritation. The tournament started with a lively killing of the players. Here’s introducing,

  • VazhakkaBajji
  • Gamerjack
  • SadnessForver
  • Rooooooo
  • PraveenJuge
  • SilluSilluku
Okay, here’s a challenge for you. Write to us who you think the players are!



It’s been 2 years since you hopped on board. 1.5 years since you stopped changing your designation (from Digital Marketer, to Python Developer, to AI developer, to an automation expert!). 4 months since you had the ill fate of being locked up with the likes of Varun and Heerthees. And a week since you’re back on home ground! 🥂 Phew, is there anything you can’t do?! You motivate us in so many ways. 🤩 Thank you for being our in-house skin and herb expert Nivs, we would be so lost without you.😉

The End

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