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May Highlights

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May flowers bring June bugs 🐞


Karthik launched a free public work session sponsored by HearApp. We’re super proud of him giving a platform for others to work productively during the lockdown. 🖥

Congratulations Heerthees on building the Zoom integration ☄️ for HearApp. It’s definitely been super useful for the entire team to set up meetings effectively.

We are grateful that a special team member has recovered from 🦠 COVID-19. We don’t know what we would do without you!

Didn’t we just do this last month? Well, Varun spoke 🎙 at yet another webinar about his skills on Firebase, organized by St. Joseph’s Engineering College, Dikson’s alma mater!

Surprise, surprise Juge spent 20 minutes of his life not caring about himself in conversation with our HR, Ayeesha. That’s an accomplishment. 🤯

Great job on bagging a certificate of completion for the Introduction to Machine Learning course by Kaggle, Santhosh! 👏

Huge props to Dikson on releasing both the Android and iOS Hellonext apps successfully! Thank you Pankaj for timing the launch perfectly. 💫

Awesome job Swaathi and Nivedhithaa on volunteering your time to teach young school girls AI! Thanks for the support Unherd! 👩‍💻

You’re an inspiration, Swaathi! Loved your talk on IWD 2020, India’s largest women in tech conference. Over 4000 people tuned in to watch. 😻

Finally, thank you for making our first webinar “Let’s Talk Tech” so successful! We’ll see you again, until then great job to our team! Especially Savitha who organized everything, Pankaj, Swaathi, Varun and Sathish for speaking, Praveen and Roshni for designing and making everything look amazing. You are a star 🤩.


We organized a Ludo tournament! 4 teams battle to death. After a lot of cheering, jeering, under-the-table trading Praveen, Heerthees, Swaathi and Pankaj made it to the finals. Guess who won? Birthday girl Pankaj! #gogirlpower 💃

After a fortnight of team meditation with Rohini from Chennai Yoga Studio, we are now falling over ourselves doing yoga! We start out everyday with 15 minutes of “Chair Yoga” which includes asanas curated for the work-from-home aching body. Suffice to say, none of us are at peak health. 🧘🏽‍♀️ But we will get there! 💪🏼


Happy Birthday 🧁

You may look small, but you sure do pack a punch! We’re so glad you were able to shop till you drop and party all night - even when locked up during the quarantine! 😉 Okay we’re done with the sarcasm! In all honesty, you are definitely someone we look up to not to mention your boldness, clarity of thought, and quick wit! We hope you have an amazing day. Happy birthday Pankaj!🎂



Has it just been a year since you’ve jumped aboard the loony express, a.k.a, Team Skcript? It feels like a million years have passed with you being best friends Priya, catching Swaathi’s spelling mistakes and pushing bug free code to production! All jokes aside, your stellar work ethic continues to inspire so many of us. You make it look like all of us can achieve our dreams! Thanks for being a positive ray of sunshine and a great team player.👨🏼‍💻

The End

Keep moving forward! It will get better!

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