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November Highlights

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November Drama brings December Stillness ✨


Congrats team for finishing #3 product of the day, with over 350 votes on ProductHunt! Go checkout Hellonext! 🎉

Great going on picking up a new skill Gopi! Looking forward to your ReactJS commits. 🚀

Congrats on getting your first Rails PR merged, Santhosh

Thank you Pankaj for hosting a session about insurance in the latest edition of TwoCents. 💸

We loved your talk at Hackout by Headout, Swaathi! 👏🏻 Great job!

And obviously Varun spoke at another webinar. This time hosted by RIT! ☀️

Sooraj posted the Part 2 of his Firebase series! It’s a must read for JavaScript coders out there. Can’t wait for Part 3!

Dikson went all out this month and posted not 1, not 2, but 3 blogs! Now we know how we reached our blog target for the month.🤗

Thank you Priya for packaging the cutest Diwali hamper. It had a Skcript water bottle, loads of sweets and dry fruits, and a stress ball (much needed). 🎁

Thank you Heerthees, Sooraj and Juge for starting the Hellonext admin panel revamp. First out is all new filters and an easier navigation option.

Well look who’s recovered from his fake (completely false) COVID scare – Juge! We think he just wanted to laze around for a while and couldn’t come up with an excuse.

Unfortunately Varun’s lotus pond... died! But now he’s into breeding guppies. 🐟 It’s always exciting with this guy around.


New Skcripter Alert 🚨

Finally we get to add on to our Marketing and Sales team! Welcome to the family, Lokesh. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be bringing to the table. Here’s to many more deals 🥂 and many more Among Us games!


Happy Birthday Juge 🎂

Happy birthday to our stress reliever and simultaneous headache creator, Juge. He’s our comedic relief, “how not to” dance teacher, games coordinator and occasional web designer. Though we poke a lot of fun at him, there can’t be a day without him at Skcript! Have a good one, Juge. 🎂


What a ride we’ve had! You will be missed Sathish. From JavaScript dev, to Rails dev, to RPA dev, to a Rust explorer, you’ve done great things. We wish you all the best on your next leg of your journey. Take care and good luck with everything! ❤️

The End

Give light and people will find their way 🌟

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