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October Highlights

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October Spookiness brings November Drama 👨🏼‍


️Congrats team for getting Twitter DevRel on board Hellonext! We can’t wait for the Twitter goodies. 😉

Great going on getting Kutty featured on ProductHunt, Juge! ✨ Onwards & upwards.

Our office admin Priya, built her first chatbot! Chatbot!! She coded a bot to fetch her biriyani. It’s always about food for us guys. 🍟🍔

Pankaj is about to change her role from project manager to product designer. She designed and built out workflows for a mobile app. Level up! 💻

We loved your talk at PyCon India, Swaathi! ️Great job!

Oh, we didn’t stop at the national level, Varun went international last month and spoke about Firebase at both DevFest Egypt 🇪🇬and San Diego! ☀️

Thank you Heerthees and Sathish for fixing the parade of bugs 🐛 we uncovered in the group testing activity. The only thing more stressful was watching the US elections!

Guess who’s article was published & featured by SumoLogic? That’s right, it’s Swaathi’s!

Loving your lotus pond Varun! Can’t wait for the flowers to blossom and the fishies to gobble up the mosquitoes. 🐟

Thanks for hosting another fun AHM, Karthik! Can’t wait to put the updated company strategy in motion next year. 🥂

Skcript Create Week

We had so much fun getting our creative energies amped up in our annual Skcript Create Week! It was a 3 day hackathon where managers became designers, admins became developers and our one lone designer stayed a designer.

The theme for this week was “Remote Life: Apps that make remote living fun”. We got together on company wide Zoom calls twice a day and marked progress. We wrote about all the apps we built up on our blog, go check it out! 🎉


Nivedhithaa’s Birthday 🎂

Happy birthday to our in-house “herb” expert and storyteller extraordinaire, Nivedhithaa! This year we were lucky enough to receive her Zoom blessings at least 3 times. 😉

Malar's Birthday 🎂

Congrats on making another trip around the sun, Malar! Here’s to more back breaking yoga moves, strenuous workout regimes and hilarious Among Us games! 🍻 Have fun riding around town on your new wheels. 🛵.



Happy 2 years Ro! We’ve had so much fun working together from writing articles to designing cover stories. We’re constantly inspired by your amazing design eye and your screaming taunts delivered with absolute perfection. 😛 Can’t wait to see what you build and learn this year! ✨

Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something, then love it and let yourself have it. ✨

The End

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