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Renovating our office - S(k)cripting

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Renovating our office - S(k)cripting

Making little changes to how our office was organized helped us work better - it has given us a new vision to work towards. We’re now pushing boundaries more than ever, here's how it worked out.

On hearing the above, our immediate reaction was, WOW! But the word renovation had other meaning to it that was nowhere related to architecture.

Renovation was one of the most talked about things in our office and we weren’t aware that we are not just talking about repainting the office but something bigger than that - none of this says that we had a groggy process earlier. But with our goals growing bigger each day and our vision flying higher and higher, the wiser choice is to fly alongside in a more compatible rocket to reach these heights. This can’t come easy and here are few of our initial steps to attain that.

Though we are a team of 10, it doesn’t come easy to plan the projects without any overlaps and let the team work in a comfortable environment and mentality. Thus the first renovation was fixing the process we were undertaking.

We dumped all the workflow we had and started from zero. We tried drafting something that will work for us and the customers. We chose one single platform - Allt, to manage all the tasks, files, bugs, documents tied to a project. This helped in focusing on one platform rather than jumping to and fro between multiple platforms.

Identifying our flaws

As much as everyone likes to listen how great one is, listening to criticism and identifying our flaws pushed us to rise stronger. We became our own critics and identified our flaws. We found a solution to fix all of it. There is no guarantee that these solutions are the best, but we are ready to make mistakes and come up with better solutions. Accepting this can be difficult but it does help.

Skcript has always been open to suggestions and new ideas. We were doing the meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions orally. Now everything is scripted. We have an ‘Idea board’ and ‘Idea pad’ to pin their ideas. Instead of words disappearing into thin air, now as ideas pop in we work on taking them off the list.

Be responsible

Responsibility comes with growth. We are there now. Every individual now has a bunch of responsibilities to take care of. This was they learn time management and start taking their work seriously. This also conveys the trust we have on them. With trust comes the urge to prove oneself. And now Skcript is now working to prove itself.

The next best thing that we got to do during this renovation plan was to clean the junk that was piled up in our office and get into a new office setup. We spilt the office into rooms and segmented working areas to work well for all teams.

Being a mix, the developers liked working in a calm area, whereas the designers liked to put their heads together then and there. The Marketing team and the Frontend team had to collaborate on a lot of occasions and liked to be at a reachable distance. Then comes the Management team who moves around the office every now and then and also acts as the Point of Contact. Then comes the CEO who works in his own world but acts like a connector between the Marketing, Management, Front-end and Design team.

That being said we now are seated in a way that meets all the requests. And we have a dark room called the ‘Focus room’ where anyone can run and hide themselves when they need to focus their brain out.

With the new process in place, we have a refreshed environment to work at. With internal renovation in place, we have begun Skcripting each moment. This will remind us how good we are and how better we can get.

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