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Our Privacy Policy

This policy outlines how we might use and share the information that you give us.

This policy explains how we collect, use, process and dispose the data that you provide us.

Who are we and how to contact us

Skcript is a Private Limited company registered in Chennai, India and is completely independent from any investors. During the course of this document, Skcript will be referred to as "we" or "us" or just our name. Skcript is the Controller for your personal data.

Skcript Technologies Private Limited

1579/A, J Block, 15th Main Road,

Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040

You can get in touch with us in any of the following ways:

Email: [email protected]


About our privacy policy

This policy relates to personal data collected by us via the following means:

Please be aware that accessing any link other than the ones inside is out of our control. Meaning, if you access the websites of our products, managing your data is beyond our control. Each of our subsidiaries have their own privacy policy.

What data do we process

We may collect and process the following data types about you:

Contact details:

Employment history:

How we collect information about you

The information that we collect is the information you provide us in various touch points. This could be with any correspondence with us, but is not limited to, one of the following ways:

Where do we use your data

Our intention is not to sell your data. We gain nothing by doing that, and we are not in that business as well. Protecting your data is our first priority. We will use your personal data in the following circumstances:

Why do we collect this data

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