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What is Skcript's Product Discovery Workshop?

Skcript's Product Discovery Workshop is a proven method to build products faster than ever, with a clear road-map on what you need to do for your business next. Skcript's PDW cuts down weeks worth of work, to arrive at actionable results in a matter of just days.

What is a good idea for Skcript's PDW?

Any business idea that you think is important for your organization is a perfect fit for a PDW. It can even be as high-level as "Building the road-map for the next 5 years with my existing product line-up." or "Improving the feature set of the existing product" and so on.

The best value that you can get out of a sprint is when you scope out the idea or a statement that aligns with your business needs.

Why do I need 3-days to complete Skcript's PDW?

Our goal for ever PDW is to start off with your goals and deliver what is needed to achieve that goal as quick and stable as possible. We have designed these three-days to capture, plan and execute the idea with a very high throughput.

It is important to remember that planning and saying "No" or "Yes" to the right ideas and features could take some time during the sprint.

Who should attend Skcript's PDW?

From the time you contact us for a PDW, we will help you detail out every single action of the three-day sprint. During this time, we will propose the inclusion of important stakeholders who we think could help us run the PDW with you.

Mostly, individuals who can make decisions and have an impact in the business are invited for the PDW.

Typically, each PDW consists of a Business Owner, Designer, Developer, Product Manager and Industry Expert.

What are the post PDW action items?

After we complete a successful PDW, we deliver a document called the "PDW Report". This report is the wiki of everything you need to know about the PDW, and what you need to do next, along with the action plan. Our clients use this document to build out the future budgets and grow their product/business.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Skcript's PDW is the epicenter of everything we do at Skcript. You can write to us at [email protected] to get any of your questions answered.

Your problems need bleeding edge technology solutions to compete in the market. Skcript's Product Discovery Workshop helps Enterprises go from idea to MVP, 2x faster.

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