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A brand new promise

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A brand new promise

The new face of Skcript comes with a reinforced promise. A promise that will inspire and disrupt the set boundaries. Join us as we embark on a new path-breaking journey.

Since our early days, we’ve been focused on building products that are what we call, “Industry first innovations”. Skcript started out with nothing but one core value; that is “When people are relentlessly passionate about their work, they can change the world for better.”

This core value is what shapes us and pushes us forward every single day, and we know that this is what will keep us going for the rest of our lives.

Every company takes time to understand who they are and where they are headed. At this juncture, we think that we’ve finally figured out who we are and where our true passion is gravitating toward.

Today, we’re incredibly proud and thrilled to announce our bold, new brand identity and a new vision for Skcript. With this, its not just the company that will take a whole new direction, but also the people around us.

Why rebrand now?

We’re a bootstrapped company growing at a pace that is sustainable. Our goal is to become a very strong player in the AI and Design industry over the next ten years. I believe we’ve reached a point where the company has to move into its next pod, that would take us to the next evolutionary point.

We’re currently at a very important intersection of technology and art at Skcript. With dedicated teams working on brand new products and technologies across domains, we believe that these will be huge in the next five years and will help us stay relevant.


Say hello to our new mark

Today, we’re launching more than just our new brand. This day marks the launch of quiet a few promises that we’re making for our customers and our community.

At the heart of this re-brand are our core values which the team lives by. We believe that true innovation happens when we change the approach towards the problem we’re trying to solve. Thinking about a problem from a whole new perspective always starts with a blank canvas, a pen and paper. The new logo, which we call Charm, represents this thinking better than ever.

Thinking about a problem from a whole new perspective always starts with a blank canvas, a pen and paper.

Later this month, you will start hearing a lot about the things we’re launching, the initiatives we’re stepping into and the way we look at things. And this is a continuous process.


The original version of Skcript’s logo that we created back in 2013 will still remain the same. The new Charm Brand Mark will take its place wherever we portray our core values, focus areas, and across platforms where it fits best.

Choose Unique Scribble

I’m super kicked about the new brand mark for the same reason I was excited for our logo; it’s bold, unique and its rich.

This is an evolutionary brand

We’ve been working on this rebrand for the past few months. The idea of the rebrand originally started back in January 2017, when we decided to give our web presence a brand new look. We secretly worked in a group, post office hours on a project called Veronica.


Since then, we’ve been working super hard to frame the top five words that best describes the culture and the values of Skcript. After over 110 tries, we were finally able to arrive at these,

Relentless passion, Unconventional, High Quality, Relevant & Inspiring Culture

These are the five words that describes Skcript at its best. These are the five words we truly believe in, and what we live by every single day. After months of iterations, thinking and war-room sessions, we wanted the brand to reflect these pillars of Skcript.


We think the brand that we have created today, is a result of the continuous effort the entire company has been putting in. And just like people, the brand will also evolve in the coming weeks, months, years and decades.

What’s in it for you

A new brand entails a new promise. A promise where we stand by our word and work along with you to provide the best in-class products, premium experiences, rich visuals and inspiration that empowers you to ideate. From entrepreneurs to students and corporates, there’s something in it for everyone.

The new brand will give you the power to,

  • Unify
  • Integrate
  • Adapt
  • Strategize
  • Create

Some of the initiatives that we’ve taken and will be taking in this direction include,

  • The Skcript OG Series An Original Series where we will be talking to entrepreneurs, tech and change makers who inspire us to push boundaries and do more

  • Steve A friendly calendar that’s minimal, clean and it just works.

  • She is Awesome (S.I.A) An initiative where we celebrate the women who are changing the world in their own small way and also stand as our inspiration.

    She is Awesome (S.I.A)

With our new brand, you will find inspiration in all forms, you’ll be privy to find what fits best for your career and you along with our team will embark on a journey to bring about a change in the way the world thinks and functions.

What we stand for

The quality of our work is what we stand for. The level at which we can produce products and value for our customers is something unique to us. This is done with the help of incredible passion we have for our work.

all charm

Starting today, you’ll see some of the most exciting changes to the products that we’ve built and the products and services that we’re bringing to you in the next few months. We plan to give you in-depth look at the thinking behind each and every change we’ve made so far, and the story behind the new website which launches today.

So stay tuned!

always keep pushing

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