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7 hacks to pump up your mood at work

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7 hacks to pump up your mood at work

We desire to be happy, but not everyone is really happy at work. It is not very difficult to find happiness at work and make it work for you.

Do you feel happiness only at your home and not in the office? This is not the same case for everyone. So now, stop wondering how others make it work at both the places, instead start applying the following in your life too.


The most delightful person in the workplace is one who is satisfied with their work in all possible ways. Firstly, identify your skills, interests, passion and find things you enjoy doing every day. That’s how positivity spreads around you and your circle.


Once you enter the office, take a few deep breaths to relax and jot down the tasks to be completed that day. Meditation helps you clear your mind. All you need to do is close your eyes, put on your noise cancellation earphones if you have one, and breath steadily for 10 minutes. Now list those to-dos in your head and exhale before jumping on them.

Plan ahead

Get your mind together and get set to meet those deadlines. Spend the first 10 minutes of your day to plan what you want to accomplish that day and set your targets accordingly. It could be either completing 5 tasks or building a new feature or closing sales deals or anything. The clear objective in front of you can definitely help stay focused. Before you wrap up for the day, spend the last 10 minutes assessing your accomplishments and improvements to be made.

Take a break for a walk

In a way, walking from your desk to the entrance, around the office or inside the office premises can help refresh yourself and boost your mind. Taking your mind off from all the emails and tasks just for a couple of minutes can help you focus better when you get back.


Celebrate your accomplishments, be it big or small; Self-appreciation is important. Be proud of yourself and do not forget to appreciate your team when they achieve something too. This helps boost their confidence and makes their day great. So, imagine how big a deal you will create when you start appreciating yourself for your achievements. Be inspired to do new things.

Put on a smile

Smiling relaxes your muscles. It stimulates your brain to interpret a physical reaction as positive and relaxes your muscles from tension. You will inturn feel lighter. If a joke, song or talking to someone is going to make you smile, try that for a few minutes. Smile at your colleagues, it will help both of you to relax.

Help People

Helping your team during work is one proven way to make you happy. Deal with any crisis or work issues as a team to ease the stress. If just your presence is going to help your teammate to work with ease, there is no harm in doing it. This means better bonding, reduced stress, improved productivity and trust. Sometimes just letting them know you are there for them, makes an impact.

Though some of these hacks might demand some time, their effect on productivity is high. If we adapt to these habits, we can work towards a positive lifestyle. The happy work environment is guaranteed.

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