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How to beat the Monday Blues

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How to beat the Monday Blues

Do you still feel like a school kid who badly wants to take leave on Monday mornings because of the overwhelming stress? If you are nodding your head, here are quick tricks which can help you shake off the Monday blues forever! Have a great Monday!

Don’t you hate Monday mornings? Feeling stressed and irritated before you even start your week? No worries! We are going to deal with it together! Maybe Monday blues is not an issue you are facing, but research says a large majority of working people are facing this issue. The problem lies in the fact that everyone is either trying to skip or just putting it off till next Monday and repeating this exhaustive process every week.

Now, that you are reading this blog, we are going to find a sustainable solution to beat the Monday blues altogether.

I have gathered, researched and even put some of them to test, only to bring you the best practices that are easily adaptable and effective in making your Mondays a highlight and something to look forward to instead of something dreadful.

Prepare for Mondays on Fridays

The main reason why Mondays are scary is because of the pending work you might accumulate through the week. Most often, people choose to work on their incomplete work on a Sunday night, losing sleep which makes them tired and unproductive the next day. The cycle repeats on the following day and so on. They lack the enthusiasm to work when this gets out of hand.

A good strategy to tackle this is to start planning early. Plan your upcoming work week from Monday till Thursday and keeping your Fridays free to clear your backlogs. Write a to-do list. Prepare your wardrobe so that you don’t waste time in the mornings. Before your weekend starts, see that you complete all the pending work so that you can enjoy your weekend in peace.

Get enough sleep

We are all preached on the importance of sleep from when we are kids to the last fitness blog post you read, but still, we choose to neglect it. Your favorite movie is on television? Try saving it for the next weekend or set aside some time ahead instead of forgoing your sleep.

A proper night’s worth of sleep of seven and a half hours can do wonders for your state of mind.

Don’t schedule any work on a Sunday night and keep your Monday mornings light.

Start the day by taking care of yourself! Do some yoga or warm-up exercises

How you start the day decides how the rest of the day is going to be. Start your day with some yoga or some workout to get the day started. Go for a jog. Meditation can increase your focus and productivity. And when you keep doing this regularly, you will be free from health ailments.

Listen to a peppy song to boost your energy level up!

The right music can make a great difference with your energy level and productivity. You will have a playlist of fast and motivational songs right? Turn them on! This can help you start the day with a positive attitude.

Have a tasty and healthy breakfast

Never skip your breakfast and with good reason, A healthy breakfast serves as the fuel for your mornings. It doesn’t have to be heavy or “takes hours to prepare” food, you can have a few bananas and be good to go.

I might not be the best person to tell you what to eat for breakfast, but there are some great resources on the internet. So, basically, the motto here is, “Eat healthily, feel healthy!”

Doll up and go early to work!

How you dress often reflects your state of mind. Take a chance on this one and wear an attire that you feel more confident in on a Monday morning. Your attention to your attire also influences how everyone around you perceives you.

However, this is not to say you should suit up every day but, an effort to put on your best front will not go unnoticed.

Be optimistic and excited to knock down the week’s targets

Start the day with easily achievable tasks which will give you the confidence to knock down the other tasks as well. Schedule a plan for improving yourself. Improve your working efficiency every week which will add up in moving your career forward.

These are ways that I feel will make you look forward to Monday mornings, if you have some suggestions, please them in the comments below.

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