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How to keep your Instagram active?

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How to keep your Instagram active?

There are so many social platforms to promote a brand or a company. Instagram is a well known social platform and here is a blog on how Instagram can be used to promote a tech brand.

Off all the platforms that are there, Instagram is one of the trending platforms with many brands promoting their brand in all types of strategies that they could. But how can a tech company utilize Instagram to promote their brand value?

We have been asking ourselves this question for quite some time now. Also, we have been following quite a few pages to understand their strategy to promote brand value. And this is what we learned.

  1. Branding. Instagram is NOT A FORMAL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM LIKE LINKEDIN. People come to Instagram to scroll down the news feed to look at pictures from their favourite actor, updates about the offers and events from favourite clothing brand, quotes from their favourite movie or series, or just do some serious stalking. So, avoid posting any serious business announcements, decisions or reviews.
  2. Promote your culture. It is one of best ways to promote the culture you follow at your office. Posting about the vacations that you take as a team, celebrating the launch of a product or the activities that you do at your office. This could show the world the culture you hold in your office and the bond within your team.
  3. Illustrations. Every week, probably every day, has something to celebrate about. Try to post illustrations that are unique to your brand on your Instagram page. When people can relate to your illustration it reaches a good amount of traction.
  4. Start trends. Hashtags never run of trend. Start your own campaign and use certain tags to promote your brand or products. Don’t forget to use the trending hashtags in your posts. Another way to stay on trend is to use the updates like utilising the ‘live’ feature or ‘Zoom’ feature and making sure you do know what is trending and how to handle them.
  5. Ads. From Google ads, ads have always been one of the best marketing strategies. Instagram ads are now turning useful (except for the creepy part, where what you search on Google or FB or sometimes the things you talk pops up as ads). Brand promotion can happen in a huge way through Instagram ads

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