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Maintaining Mental Health while Working Remote

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Maintaining Mental Health while Working Remote

Remote work has been our daily schedule for the past one week. And the entire team has gone through a roller coaster of emotions! From fear, solitude to anxiety - we’ve seen it all. But how do we maintain our mental health during these dire times? Here’s how we do it!


The work from home option was once a benefit turned to an imperfect reality now. The Covid-19 challenge sure does contribute to stress, anxiety and a combination of other emotions revolving over on the top of our mind. Here are some steps we recommend to maintain the sanity of your mental health.

Work With A Routine

Set a routine schedule and make sure you work on it. Record everything you do and update it to the team. We do agree that there are many factors contributing to this and the predictions may go wrong but try to keep things the same - a strict routine! A routine that differs from your typical schedule. But make sure it’s a little flexible as overscheduling can rule your mind and you’ll get piled up with pressure.

Limited Information

Gather enough information about what is happening outside. Browse some valuable content during the breaks and in-between the tasks. Don’t ever divert your mind towards the negative energy and talks going about in the world. Sometimes, anxious thoughts will fill up the day leaving you disturbed. Try being safe and surround yourself with the positive vibes.


Have the tasks prioritized. Do have a discussion with the team and focus on the essential part of the work to save energy. Luckily we have a team co-operating to the proper streamlined work and we spend the day aligned with a morning standup call and evening status updates to help us know how efficient we are. A streamlined set of tasks for the day will leave you occupied throughout the day and will ignore unwanted thoughts about the impact we are facing right now.

Keep up the good practices

Staying healthy will also make us mentally strong.

  • Take small walks during the day - inside your house!
  • Consume a larger amount of water than you would on other days
  • Change up your work spot when you feel like the day is mundane
  • Have some snacks, nuts and healthy foods
  • Binge eating is really not a joke. Have enough food. Stay healthy.
  • Turn on some lofi music (checkout the Skcript x Productivity playlist on YouTube) in the background if you feel it’s too quiet

Don’t lose track

Do remember the workflow. If you don’t get the update from the person who has to proceed with the task, leave them a gentle reminder! Maybe do it one more time if they forget.

Also when someone pings you, give it priority. Since people are working with an online barrier, subtle signals like body signs or tone of speech might be lost. So communicate - excessively! Try to stay online always during the work day to avoid unnecessary calls or emails. Also, keep the team informed when you’re moving away.

Remember the trust factor

Do you really think of your company and your position there as a valuable part of them? Then do think of these too.

  • Believe that your company trusts you and your work
  • Stay on target and complete the tasks on time
  • Don’t be lethargic in completing tasks - we’re not on vacation!
  • Be determined in what you do

And finally doing all these will give you self satisfaction accomplishing your duty and it gives you the entire happiness and mental health during these days. If you feel alone during work hours do spend 10 minutes listening to the sound of nature around you, try this and let us know the experiments you do further to make you relaxed while working from home.

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