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The Tech Bingo Challenge

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The Tech Bingo Challenge

Played the “Bingo Challenge” on Instagram yet? Well here’s the tech version of it! Get your templates here.

Have you played the “Bingo Challenge” on Instagram? Yeah it might sound cliche but I’m sure you must have at least thought about it. Don’t lie now!

It’s quite simple to play and kinda the perfect isolated version of the original Bingo apt for this quarantine season! #covid-19

So basically, you choose a Bingo Challenge template - there’s thousands of them online! There’s a Friends bingo, “Have You Ever” bingo and more!

Then you post this on your Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp stories and tick the ones you’ve done. Whoever gets the perfect score wins!

Well you’re in for a treat, we’ve created 5 bingo templates for you. 🎉

Tech Languages Bingo

Show off to your friends how many languages you program in. Don’t be shy now.

Bugs Bingo

Come on we’ve all done it - fixed a bug in production! No? Only me? Tough crowd!

We hate those pesky bugs but you do have to be honest, fixing them sure is an adrenaline rush. Here’s all the things we’ve said during bug fixes!

Tech Tools Bingo

It’s not even funny how long I was teased for using Atom. I still love it! But it is slow. Use this template and your street tech cred back.

Tech Frameworks Bingo

Languages are one thing, but frameworks are sooo much better. We have wars over frameworks like people have wars over food. Wait, we do that too. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Work From Home Bingo

Soo how long has it been since you’ve stepped out into the real world? We might crib about it but we secretly love avoiding the daily commute! Remote work has brought in a slew of emotions for the team. Which ones do you feel too?

There you have it! Post it on your social media and tag us! We’d love to hear from you.

Download all the templates here.

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