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Values Added During Quarantine with our Practices

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Values Added During Quarantine with our Practices

Have you noticed the change in people as an effect of this quarantine? We noticed a few good changes because of the simple practices that we have adapted to. Maybe you can give them a try too.

The concept of Quarantine has been there for ages but this generation is only experiencing it now, due to this COVID-19 pandemic. Though we are quarantined to stay safe, we didn’t stop focussing on our passionate jobs. Luckily we are IT professionals and location was not a huge barrier to our work. We stay home to keep ourselves and our families safe. But at the same time, we work to keep the business alive.

How do we manage our work? Was stand-up calls the only routine that helped us stay aligned? Did you find any difference in people after 3 weeks of remote work and daily stand-up calls?

We have our answers here. Stand-up calls helped us in a big way to stay on top of our work. We communicated and planned our work through stand up calls at the start of the day and tracked the progress at the end of the day. After so many days of following this routine, we noticed a difference.

It goes like this;

Being Punctual

Stand-up calls have been a part of our process for a long time. When we tried to adapt to the same online, we were not sure about how it would work. But, we have seen the difference and effect this has imposed on our team. People started to join the calls early which was not the case when we started to work from home. Sounds great, isn’t it? We believe in our stand-up calls, in fact, we have a detailed blog on it for you to read.

Balanced work

When we were going to the office, we played games after work but sometimes got lost in one of the two, mismanaging our time. We worked toward a set goal with well managed time. Even though there could be distractions at home, we met our deadline and managed to balance our time between work and team activities. On top of this, we didn’t want our team to be exhausted and that is why we set realistic targets. We didn’t want our team to be exhausted and that is why we set realistic targets, helping them to lead a balanced work.

Self Management

Back at the office, when someone has time to spare PMs help in identifying new areas to focus. But, now it’s vice versa. Before the manager suggests, people come up with new topics to learn and implement, which are best suited for the time and personal development. This is something that helps us to be productive and appreciated.

Time Management

This is an old concept of work which we are practicing even now. Sometimes, we skip our meals to complete the work because of mismanaged time. But lately, our team has been managing time better than ever. Time is spent equally on work, career development, family time, and fun activities. Time management is one of the most essential qualities to improve.

Focussed work

Work is better planned with the help of stand-up calls, twice a day. We have been practicing the art of focusing more on work than in making decisions or communication. This has exponential growth in our productivity. Our clarity on work was enabled by the stand-up calls and well laid out remote work guidelines.

A cohesive team is what we need. What your team practices are added as values. Ensure everyone in the team is on the same page and have a shared knowledge of culture and goals. Clarity on these goals will help us achieve it together. This is how we feel, we have improved our values during this tough time. I hope the change happens in your people too so that we come out stronger after this quarantine ends. Do share your experience with us at

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