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Why 90’s kids are cool

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Why 90’s kids are cool

Being a 90’s kid is a lot of fun and with the entire world flooding social media with the perks of being a 90’s kid, we wanted to contribute from Skcript as well. And to all the kids who aren’t from the 90’s, we’re sorry and watch out!

We all know the story of how Skcript began and when it began. With the then and now updates in social media, there should be a basic idea of the culture at Skcript.

Our office in Chennai has around 10 members where out of 10, 9 are 90’s kids. Even that one person can be counted in, as he is more of a 90’s person than the rest of us! (Yes, we have a cool CEO 😎 ). Starting from ‘91 we have till ‘96, the youngest being me 😁 (It sounds like an art piece collection, never mind). An office filled with 90’s kids get interesting every day which made me write how 90’s kids are cool and have a lot of fun.

Our lunch breaks are fun

Despite the food, we have a fun filled lunch hours. Bless Apple TV.

At Skcript we have the habit of watching something in our lunch hour and though we end up browsing most of the time, we do watch some really good stuff. Our choice of movies are mostly fun and the best part, as we all love cartoons. We have watched everything from Dexter’s laboratory to Mr. Bean, the animated series without flinching or wondering why they made such a cartoon. You have to give it to the 90’s kids for the best cartoons ever - we had Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Spongebob Squarepants and many more. Disney aired a lot of shows then (but disappeared in between) and now they are back on Disney international HD (Thank God!)

Revolutionary books

All of us at Skcript have been exposed to many books and Harry Potter has been the favorite for many of us. No one can deny this. We were born during the time when Harry Potter was introduced then there was Narnia, Goosebumps, Tinkle, The Golden Compass and to top it all, Game of Thrones was first published in ‘96! We just won the book world with that said. 😎

AR Rahman and Illayaraja rule our playlists

Everyone is plugged in, listening to their music most of the times. But when we share the Google Home to listen to music, our choice of music is always the same. Even today, the first choice of songs are from AR Rahman. No matter how many versions of ‘Urvashi Urvashi’ or ‘Humma Humma’ comes they will top our most played songs. The choice of English music is also amazing and I know many of the 90’s people can relate when I say ‘Backstreet Boys’ or ‘Michael Jackson’. Our Macs’ share a family account on iTunes and we share playlists that never fail to go on repeat mode.

1100 is not a number but an emotion

Any 90’s kid will know how Nokia’s 1100 was famous and every one of us have used them for a certain period. Every generation witnesses a tech change but nothing when compared to the 90’s. We have had phones that lasted for 3-4 days without the need to charge. Waterproof and durability were curated from Nokia’s 1100 model. And then comes the games - the ‘Snake’ game was popular worldwide and nothing beats it even after so much evolution in the gaming world.

Bicycle rides are the best

Owning a bicycle is something to brag about like how the kids these days brag about owning smart phones (we can say that now because we’re older 😛 ). Learning to ride a cycle and falling a hundred times while doing so is common. Most of the girls would have had a ride in the ‘Lady bird’ cycle and every guy will be familiar when I say ‘Pulsar 220’.


We take breaks in between the work hours, which is mostly utilized to play cricket inside the office premises. This included girls participation as well. Captains pick their team and we play. When it gets annoying, the ball goes missing, but sometimes the balls always return with some mysterious damage done to them (and the mystery still remains unsolved). We have video games battle where we play Asphalt, Pac Man and group up into teams to play Pictionary and UNO. We had a lot of trending video games which cannot be matched by the present games. They were a lot fun and playing with cousins never failed to cheer. Here is a list and I am sure you will be surprised,

  • Mario
  • Contra
  • Duck Hunt
  • Road Rash
  • Street Fighter
  • Pac Man
  • Exciet Bike
  • Dave
  • Circus

Some amazing food

The choice of topic for building a conversation is something that everyone still understands. As much as we talk about politics, democracy, world events and tech, we also talk about animated movies, comic books, outdoor games where many are unheard of and food like Kulfi, Thaen Mittai (Candy that’s made with honey - yum!) and Boomer. As much as burgers and pizzas make us happy, we were all excited about having the tiny, home made sweets and candies. We have had Dairy Milk (that is now 20 bucks) for just 5 bucks! (Oh, we had a lot of chocolates back then.)


We most definitely feel old looking at the kids of the next generation.

To be honest, kids these days act more like adults and the so called adults (i.e., us) act like kids. Girls still use screaming as a defense weapon to get the boys to give up 😛. We can relate to a lot of memes, of course a large majority of meme creators are 90’s kids. The proud presenters of Madras Central, Jump Cuts, and many more have created videos which has scenes that only 90’s kids can relate to. 90’s kids owned a video game player the size of an iPhone 8+ but the kids these days have an actual iPhone! Where is the fun, if you don’t fight for wrestling cards, play hand cricket and cheat in business? 😉

This is not the complete list but a list that everyone can relate to. I don’t mean to say that 90-99 is the best period ever, in fact our parents had a better time than we did for different reasons. We had a good time because we had the basic tech and a childhood that all of us want our future kids to have. We played in the streets, we cycled around, had a normal not very tech influenced childhood which these generation kids will miss big time.

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