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Engagement Profile

This global banking giant has its presence in 100+ countries providing core banking services for individuals and businesses. Many of their payroll functions were being performed either manually or by patching multiple systems together. Our engagement with them for this project was to achieve operational efficiency by automating the end-to-end payroll processing using robotic process automation (RPA).

Understanding the problem

Going from being a non-automated process to a fully-automated process is a monumental task. Understanding this process is super essential, and the first thing we did was to work with multiple teams within the bank to analyze every bit of the process that is being carried out right now.

Here is a list of everything we analyzed:

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Choosing the right RPA tool

While we analyzed each process that was involved in automating payroll, our consultants worked to analyze the right tool that the bank needs to solve their problem today, and in the future. The right fit for this use-case was UiPath, considering its technical abilities and ease of implementation.

The Result

After a continuous 90 days of development effort, testing, deploying and testing again, the bots were finally ready to take over the payroll processing for over 10,000 people across the globe. The integration with multiple core banking systems to process payrolls with compliance across countries exposed us to a huge learning experience.

Today, the bot runs the end-to-end payroll automation which includes the following processes:









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