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The client is the world's leading social media analytics platform, helping brands drive deeper engagement with their customers by providing them with meaningful data. Today, KI powers some of the largest brands in the world to run its marketing operations and touches millions of customers.

Project Focus:

PrototypingUI DevelopmentUI & UX Architecture

A new take on command center

Our first engagement with the client dates back to 2014. To better position themselves as a leader in the industry, the client came to Skcript to build a brand new social media command center with real-time updates for televisions and carry-on devices.

Our approach

With a clear vision to double-down on user acquisition, we worked with the client to help create a brand new, real-time command center to rethink how customers visualize their voice on the Internet.

Here are the activities we performed:

The Result: A connected command center

After 90 days, we arrived at something that we put on the wall and stared at for hours together. The resulting command center is now being used in many televisions at marketing offices as well as office lobbies to visualize the voice of a brand on the Internet.

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